You can see it in their eyes….focus, intensity,and determination. You also notice when it’s missing!
Fire in the eyes is what every coach loves to see, especially when that quality finds its companion with humble confidence.

Looking for the right hire? Listen to their words and determine if words match their eyes.

Invite your perspective employee hire finalist, as a group, to dinner at a known quality restaurant. Keenly watch and listen to their interaction with you and the others. At the invite to dinner, just mention, “others will be joining us”.

This screening process will allow you to measure several dynamic characteristics that can not be observed or detected in an interview environment.

Fire in their eyes? Yes, possibly white hot in initial interviews. Reality and the true intensity of the fire and much more always surfaces in a social arena.

Looking for your next “right hire?” Do diligence with the interview process. Before you extend an offer of employment, extend the “on stage dinner invite”. It is amazing how easy it will be to to make you best decision to hire or to not hire based on the “fire in their eyes” and all the dynamics of personality, communication and social skills that perfectly fit the hire you are looking to join your business or organization.

Dave Fackler
Non-Profit Fix It Patch, Inc.