Second Chances…can you add another dozen please! We have all been there. Somedays we act or think like that person we identify as, I would never BE THAT…DO THAT…but we did.

Perfect, we are not! Yet, our intentionality is strives for excellence in all areas of our lives. The most vulnerable of which are the words we speak, the thoughts we think,and the attitudes we hold.

Today and tomorrow, in our comings and goings…our meetings and greetings…remember the teaching of Jesus.

Love God. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. In Christ, we are offered a daily gift of the Second Chance. To whom will you extend that gift? Or better stated, to whom will you offer that gift which has been offered to you, and designed and fashioned to be offered to others.

Best yet, apply this act of generosity to a VIP….YOU!

Make Someone’s Day Special!