Radon time leads to random thought and the ultimate question comes to mind. The question? “WHY”?

My thoughts will be brief. Just observations. Take them for face value. Just thoughts on why America has lost her way.

1. The crumbling Family structure and ungodly lifestyles have become acceptable.
2 Christian values and faith practice are ridiculed.
3 We have a growing segment of our country who believe BIG government is best.
4 Our President and Administration have devalued our Constitution and have a different view of
our nation than did our Founding Fathers. We have, In fact, rewritten the actual history of our
founding beginnings.
5 Our National press has become political agents of our government.
6 Fewer Americans ever serve our country in military service.
7 An ENTITLEMENT attitude and mindset is overtaking our society.
8 Our Court System has become politicized and inconsistent.
9 Our President and Political leaders no longer are respected.
10 Our churches and pastors have engaged in CEO Leadership & marketing vs. teaching the
11 America has lost its integrity around the world. Our words do not match our behaviors.
12 We are a nation that aborts our babies.

Ok, those are my BIG 12. My next post will outline how we can reclaim our nation.
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