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Radon time leads to random thought and the ultimate question comes to mind. The question? “WHY”?

My thoughts will be brief. Just observations. Take them for face value. Just thoughts on why America has lost her way.

1. The crumbling Family structure and ungodly lifestyles have become acceptable.
2 Christian values and faith practice are ridiculed.
3 We have a growing segment of our country who believe BIG government is best.
4 Our President and Administration have devalued our Constitution and have a different view of
our nation than did our Founding Fathers. We have, In fact, rewritten the actual history of our
founding beginnings.
5 Our National press has become political agents of our government.
6 Fewer Americans ever serve our country in military service.
7 An ENTITLEMENT attitude and mindset is overtaking our society.
8 Our Court System has become politicized and inconsistent.
9 Our President and Political leaders no longer are respected.
10 Our churches and pastors have engaged in CEO Leadership & marketing vs. teaching the
11 America has lost its integrity around the world. Our words do not match our behaviors.
12 We are a nation that aborts our babies.

Ok, those are my BIG 12. My next post will outline how we can reclaim our nation.
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Second Chances…can you add another dozen please! We have all been there. Somedays we act or think like that person we identify as, I would never BE THAT…DO THAT…but we did.

Perfect, we are not! Yet, our intentionality is strives for excellence in all areas of our lives. The most vulnerable of which are the words we speak, the thoughts we think,and the attitudes we hold.

Today and tomorrow, in our comings and goings…our meetings and greetings…remember the teaching of Jesus.

Love God. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. In Christ, we are offered a daily gift of the Second Chance. To whom will you extend that gift? Or better stated, to whom will you offer that gift which has been offered to you, and designed and fashioned to be offered to others.

Best yet, apply this act of generosity to a VIP….YOU!

Make Someone’s Day Special!


It’s 8:30 in the evening. I’d like the honor of sharing a short thought with you. Do I have your permission? I promise to be brief.

My title for this posting is, ” HOW GOOD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE”?

Often, I act as if I can do it all. Next observation, by trying this approach I find myself feeling very lonely. Not a god feeling. To be most effective, I recommend we work in a TEAM ENVIRONMENT”. Why TEAM….because I am seldom able, if ever, to see the whole picture. The acronym T.E.A.M. = Together We Can Accomplish More.

Obviously, even the best of team members are required to work as an individual. Just a fact of life. Great leaders have learned the discipline of intense individual work. We improve through individual focus and we take our contributions to the next level of excellence as we make use of our TEAM to BRING OUT THE BEST WE HAVE.

Summary: Work hard at your skill or dream individually. Then, share your work, ideas, dreams with your trusted team of great encourages who can expand on your work and offer additional perspective. Review your individual work with your team…make revisions…finally, put your work out there and be prepared for gifts of agreement and welcome as well as the reality of disagreeable observations or comments that you can choose to grow from, reject, or go to the corner of your room to sulk…and refuse to grow, even resulting from helpful or hurtful criticism.

You can be a Lone Ranger or you can experience the gift of your trusted TEAM and flourish.

Every great team is comprised of great dedicated individuals. The effort given to your individual disciplines will translate into an extremely valuable and impactful TEAM.


Trust this was helpful.



Thanksgiving is an EVERY DAY ATTITUDE.

Interesting how some little catch phrases stick in our minds. This one did. “Our response is our responsibility.” Every day we make choices. We choose to be unhappy, happy, responsive or unresponsive, grateful and thankful or otherwise. We make our choices. Our choices make our world. The impact is both personal and rippling.

I pray that you will make your choice to be THANKFULL DAILY. It’s an attitude that will keep us humble, grateful and thankful. May your tank be full.

In all things, give thanks….Ps.100:4-5 1 Thes.5:16-18

In Christ,
Dave 356
FB Dave Fackler, MI
Twitter: dave356

A Good Place To Begin!

Standing & Kneeling….gaining strength from above